The Baltimore Ohio Rotary Club is actively involved in projects that support local community, national, and international needs.  As appropriate, we provide people and financial resources to help our friends, neighbors, and members of the global community.
 The Rotary Club of Baltimore Ohio  may be relatively small compared to Rotary Clubs in larger cities with denser populations, but we are a highly active club supporting a wide range of projects and community needs. We are dedicated to supporting local community, national, and international needs. Further, we are informal and cordial, and we welcome new members and readily integrate them into the club.

Recent events and economic down-turns that affect our nation are most dramatically felt at the local level, and while the Rotary Club of Baltimore Ohio continues to work in support of international efforts, now more than ever, our focus remains on supporting the needs of community friends and neighbors. The following summarizes the broad range of our club projects, and illustrates areas where new members can participate and fully embrace the commitment to Service Above Self.

 Adopt Children at Christmas [Chairperson: Ruth Crutcher-Beckwith] - Each year we identify needy children in our community and coordinate with their parents and  "adopt them" to provide Christmas gifts of clothing and toys to help brighten the holiday season. Our members purchase toys and items of clothing based on ages and sizes, and wrap the presents to be ready for giving.
 Amy's Army [Chairperson: Jill Dunlap] - Our Rotary Club is a sponsor of Amy’s Army which is an organization of family, friends and community in Baltimore, Ohio who honor and celebrate the life and faith of Amy Cook by supporting and promoting projects that champion causes with the same type of passion, conviction and determination with which Amy lived her life. For seven years from December of 1998 until November of 2005, Amy Cook battled breast cancer.
     It was decided to honor her memory with a family-oriented and festive 5K celebration walk in Baltimore, Ohio.  The group, now christened Amy’s Army, chose Amy’s favorite charity, Kids ‘n Kamp as the beneficiary for the inaugural walk. The walk is always held the first Saturday of May. Much more can be discovered about Amy’s Army at
 Arbor Day - Each year, we give tree seedlings to all 4th grade students in the Liberty-Union School District. We get the seedlings from the Fairfield County Agricultural Society from funds we donate, and club members separate and bag the trees. We distribute tree seedlings to each student with simple instructions for planting and care. We also provide a brief explanation of Rotary. 
 Christmas Food Baskets [Chairperson: Ruth Crutcher-Beckwith] - Eash year, in coordination with the Baltimore/Thurston Food Pantry, we donate funds to acquire and provide Christmas food baskets to needy families in the community. Helping to provide the festive baskets filled with food that will benefit those in need is just another way of putting Service Above Self.
 Community Chest - Our club is a regular contributor to the Liberty Township Community Chest in Baltimore, Ohio. Our contributions go to help familieis in the community needing help with utility bills, especially during the long cold Ohio winters.
 Dictionary Project [Chairperson: Billy Phillips] - Each year, the Rotary Club of Baltimore Ohio coordinates with the Principals and 3rd grade teachers at the Liberty-Union, Millersport, and Pleasantville schools to identify the number of 3rd grade students. We then obtain up to date dictionaries from the Dictionary Society of North America and deliver them to the students. This year we are obtaining and distributing 240 dictionaries. 
 Food Pantry [Chairperson: Ruth Crutcher-Beckwith] - Our club is a committed supporter of the Baltimore/Thurston Food Pantry, providing funds and other support to needed facility improvements. The Food Pantry is a major provider of food for needy families in Baltimore, Thurston, and the surrounding communities. Founded in 1991, the Food Pantry not only provides needed food, but provides other assistance when there are no other available sources.
      In 2010, Food Pantry volunteers packed and delivered 110 large Christmas food baskets; the Food Pantry delivered approximately 325 food orders.during the first 10 months of 2011. To learn more about the Food Panty, please see Food Pantry or contact Ruth Crutcher-Beckwith at (740) 862 - 4082.
 International [Chairperson: Nathaniel Stitzlein] - Our club supports Rotary International projects involving coordinating with other Rotary clubs that serve communities around the world. Rotarians have continually adapted and improved the way they respond to those needs, taking on a broad range of service projects. Our club has directly supported international projects in South Africa and Bolivia.
   The Mapula embroidery project in Winterveldt, South Africa funded a self-help program for women in a very poor, rural area. For more information, please see About Us and
   Our donations to the Rotary club in Sucre, Bolivia were used to help a local organization assisting street children. For more information, please see About Us.
 Parade - We support the annual Baltimore Festival by participating in the festival parade and helping to promote the festival. 
 Other Project efforts -This year we have added providing support to the Fairfield County Humane Society, and providing funds and other support to Toys for Tots, coordinating with the Basil Volunteer Fire Department.
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